Nuka System of Care Conferences


Health care is undergoing a dramatic change from volume- to value-based care, with an emphasis on quality, population health outcomes and whole person care. Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care is an award-winning system in Anchorage, Alaska that has been providing value-based care for more than 30 years.

Two Nuka conferences are scheduled this year, featuring expert insights from more than 50 subject matter experts on topics such as data and information management, behavioral health integration, leadership best practices, strategic planning, and more.

Using tools and methodologies unique to Nuka, conference participants walk away inspired by the future of health care and equipped with answers to issues facing their organizations.

What will you learn at a Nuka Conference? Watch this video:

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Soma Stout_web_100px_border“Nuka represents the future of health and health care in the United States and is a model that all health systems should look to for inspiration and guidance.

The Alaska Native people, led by Katherine Gottlieb, have not only developed a model of improving the key health issues of their community, but demonstrate what it means to create a health system that empowers and improves the health of people and populations.

 I know that I will continue to deepen my study of Nuka in the months ahead as I guide my health system at Harvard to improve the health of our community.”

-Soma Stout, Vice President for Patient-Centered Medical Home Development at Cambridge Health Alliance

Don Berwick_web_100px_border“Our (health care) costs are too high, our quality is too low. Nuka’s reversed that. It’s among the highest quality of care I’ve seen anywhere in the world.”

– Don Berwick, Former Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service and 3rd Annual Nuka System of Care Conference keynote speaker

Russell Phillips_web_100px_border“I view Nuka as our “true north.” Nuka’s focus on working with patients and communities to create and promote health in both mind and body serves as a model to us all. Nuka inspired the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School to expand our own focus from health care to health. We look forward to working with Nuka to lead change throughout the world.”

-Russell Phillips, Director of the Harvard Center for Primary Care and 4th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference keynote speaker

Tan Tock Seng_web_100px_border“Singapore can learn from SCF’s customer-owner model as the core foundation needed to develop a robust population health system. The idea that patients are themselves owners of their health and health care system, illustrates a patient-centricity fundamental to achieve better health outcomes and empowerment in health care decision-making.”

-Tan Tock Seng Hospital representatives